Nawaz Sharif puts Pakistan Army under question


Imran Khan and Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri have been demanding for the resignation of the Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif and the Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif since 14th of August 2014 when both of them led long marches to Islamabad. During the long sit-in, Imran Khan gave a call for the civil disobedience to all Pakistani citizens. This action was condemned by many politicians and Khan went into a weak position for the time being. However it’s our strong belief that Allah always helps the righteous.

Long going peaceful yet increasing pressure for the resignation of both Sharif brothers brought them under big stress. In spite of their support from the parliament, especially the so called opposition, Nawaz Sharif asked Army Chief General Raheel Sharif to play his role in improving the situation. General Raheel on his request met Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri and Imran Khan separately. Later when the parliament criticised PM Mian Nawaz Sharif for involving Army in this matter, he simply refused that he had asked for any assistance from the Army Chief. On the other side Imran Khan and Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri both denied that they had requested for the meeting.

Pakistan Army on the other side informed the media and public through Twitter that these meetings were arranged on Prime Minister’s request. This controversy went against the PMLN government at this critical time. Nawaz Sharif is the most unreasonable leader who has always been creating rifts with the armed forces. These things resulted in the termination of his previous governments. Nawaz has always failed in supporting Pakistan Army against the false allegations of Afghan and Indian leadership. Nawaz Sharif is just worried about his seat. His attempt of degrading Army is just because that he does not want any democracy in case he has to resign. He is such a dictator who cannot see anyone else ruling the country. I can now foresee that Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif will soon be out of power and insha Allah Pakistani people will get a better time. However I pray that we could avoid another martial law.

Remember GAZA -You Dance the Dance of Death (by Muhammad Jamal Haider)

I am sad for our Palestinian brothers and sisters, yet pleased to share with you the heart touching poem by brother Muhammad Jamal Haider from Sydney. He has mentioned Hadhrat Khalid bin Waleed (prominent companion of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH) and Alexander the great in this worth reading poem.

Dance the dance blog

You dance the dance of death

You fight the fight of life

You laugh the laugh of wrath

And teach the world eternal right

You dance the dance of death

Legends will be made, stories will be told

Your acts of today, the world writes in gold.

You dance the dance of death

You fight the fight of life

See the child stand stare

Flashing eyes fire tear

“I am the warrior,

Never tire or fear

I am the warrior

Wherever oppression’s there

Whenever oppression’s near

I dance the dance of death

I fight the fight of life”

Time thunders on and on

“Alexander Macedon,

 O’ Khaled Mukhduom

Makes your glory look so tame

A child, woman, and a man

Gaza, Gaza, is the name”

They rewrite the game of doom.

Your chains are not of bondages

Heroics of all ages

As you take a step upright

Cowards are all put to fright

Not a bit of honour in them.

Humanity devoid of shame

You laugh the laugh of wrath

You know no defeat, you care no victory

In the chains, in the chains still you are free

You dance the dance of history

You fight the fight for peace

You laugh the laugh delight

Teach the world eternal right

Show the world eternal light

You sing the song of life.

Insafians need to prove themselves


Today I am writing on an important issue which needs our immediate attention and action being the members and well-wishers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). I am sorry to say that despite our claiming of being different from the rest being the followers of Imran Khan, we have failed in proving ourselves as better and educated people.

PTI members in Pakistan and overseas (Australia in special) have been in the same dirty politics and blame games that suit other political parties of Pakistan. In Australia so much mess has been created during the last two years that Pakistanis living in this beautiful country are now least bothered in taking any interest in the party events and programmes. I will not mention any name as this could lead to further deterioration of the prevailing bad situation. All the members claim that they are the best and rest is useless.

I would just request all my respected friends to come together and work side by side for promoting the party and its cause. Imran Khan is the most sincere and capable leader after the founder of Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah who the nation trusts on. If we just follow his actions and thoughts, I am 100% sure that we can present a much better image of our beloved country and the party. We have to prove that if we like Imran Khan we want ourselves to be like him.

I hereby offer my sincere efforts for resolving the issues with the hope that all affected and involved team members will put their difference aside and listen to each other with the intention of solving the matters in the best way.

Pakistan Zindabad!!!

Israeli terrorism and the shameful silence of Arab world

Once again heartless and brainless Israeli army started killing innocent Palestinian men, women, kids and old age people in Gaza. They are doing this shameful act in the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims all over the world keep fasts, do extra prayers and donate generously.


On the other side there is once again complete silence from the neighbouring Arab countries. Allah SWT is punishing Muslims just because of their sectarian differences and lack of unity which is the main reason of this barbarian attitude of Israeli terrorists. If we look today’s situation thoughtfully we will find Shias and Sunnis fighting against each other in Arab countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Today one of my Indonesian friends in Sydney told me that in his country where Sunnis are in majority, Shias are considered as infidel (کافر). He added that he got his early education at an Islamic madrassa and was taught that Shias were non-Muslims.

In Iraq Sunnis and Shias are fighting for the sake of power (اقتدار). In Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Libya there are Muslims fighting against each other. In Pakistan and Afghanistan we see Taliban killing Shias and common people. Therefore I can say that we don’t need any other enemy for destroying us. We have atomic bombs but no passion (جذبہ) at all. Hundreds of years ago Hajjaj Bin Yousaf sent Muhammad Bin Qasim to the combined India on the complaint of one Muslim lady against the cruel ruler Raja Dahir. Today hundreds of Muslims are being slaughtered in Israel but Arab countries that fear from USA have sewed their lips against this uncontrolled barbaric and inhuman torture.

This is the time when we need real unity keeping all our internal sectarian differences on side. We need a united approach on controlling the mad Israeli leaders and army. Allah SWT will bless us with victory once we hold His rope together as per His instructions given in Quran. In Sydney Palestinian expatriates are holding a protest on Sunday afternoon. All Muslims in Sydney are requested to try their best in joining our sad Palestinian brothers in their sorrow.

Kissay Apna Kahain… a memorable Urdu TV drama serial

Kisay Apna Kahain

Pakistan has a wonderful TV drama industry. Our highly talented artists, writers and directors have produced number of drama serials that cannot be forgotten. India is far ahead in making movies and their film industry is competing with Hollywood now. However they cannot beat us in TV dramas where we are the best without any doubt. Hum TV is these days leading in telecasting the quality drama serials.

I normally cannot watch any TV serial continuously as they require lot of time and to be honest most of the time they have extra elongated stories. Last drama serial that I watched completely was ‘Thori Si Wafa Chahiye’. This June I got some time for watching TV dramas on Youtube. My mother introduced me to a current TV drama serial ‘Kissay Apna Kahain’ (کسے اپنا کہیں) which has just finished.

This amazing drama had 44 one hour episodes. The story was so catchy that I could not resist myself from watching all the episodes completely. Veteran actors Shabbir Jaan and Rubina Ashraf have given their best ever performances.

The drama revolves around a family of an old couple (played by Shabbir Jaan and Rubina Ashraf) and their four daughters. The family passes through a very tough time. However their patience, strong faith in Allah Almighty and good intentions pay them and at the end everything gets normal.

Writer Mansoor Mushtaq and Iftekhar Usmani have done a great job by writing the story of this memorable TV serial which has been directed so professionally by Zeeshan Ahmed. Greatest living Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has sung the beautifully composed and written OST for this drama serial. The best lesson that I got from this drama is that one should never feel down for having daughters. Good daughters are the blessing of Allah for their parents. I would recommend this drama especially to those who have daughters only.

We will always love you MAJID!!!

25 June 2014 marks the fifth death anniversary of our beloved younger brother Majid Javed. A charming youngster with an exceptional intellectual level, a champion’s smile and great sense of humour; left us for his heavenly abode five years ago.


Rashid and I were very lucky on having such a loving brother in our life who always stood beside us whenever we needed him, who always brought respect for the family with his successes and achievements during the studies and later in his jobs. He achieved whatever he wanted. However he could not fight with his long fatal disease that claimed his life.

Majid passed away physically on that day but he started a new journey in our hearts where he has his eternal place. No day passes by without his memories. He breathed his last on Thursday and since then every Thursday morning makes me sad….. I never need to think about Majid but he is always there in mind.

On Majid’s 5th anniversary Dr. Javed’s Family would like to thank our beloved Muhammad Ashfaq for his never ending love and care for us. Ashfaq is a true gem who always has proved his love, loyalty and dedication for us and above all for Majid. Ashfaq is my class fellow from my Civil Engineering class and has a very close association with our family. His father Muhammad Yousaf passed away on 27th December 2013. In spite of going through such difficult time he didn’t forget Majid and performed an Umra for him just after a few weeks. He is the first person out of our family who performed this noble act for our beloved Majid. We are highly obliged to him and pray Allah to bless Ashfaq with happiness, prosperity and success in his coming life. We are also highly obliged to Majid’s special friend Aamir Ali who put Majid’s name in RSVP on his wedding card even when Majid was not alive.

Dr. Javed’s Family can never ever forget two great persons who are not among us today, but they are always in our thoughts and prayers. We love our beloved uncles Humayoun Shamsi and Dr. Zaeem Jafri who managed to reach on his funeral in spite of their critical health conditions. We also remember the great role played by Major Tahir Ali on his death when he was in Abbottabad with his family and was at a medical centre for getting his son’s leg plastered that had a minor fracture. As soon as he heard about Majid’s death he left the treatment incomplete and rushed to Lahore.

We are also very much thankful to our beloved friend Ismail Ajaz (Khayaal) who wrote two beautiful poems on Majid after his death. He expressed our thoughts for Majid in a very beautiful way in his second poem.

We as Dr. Javed’s Family once again repeat our commitment with Majid that whoever ignored him on his death has no place in our life and insha Allah we will never forgive those who didn’t reach us in our pain and made lame excuses.

Majid……. We will always love you and you will remain with us forever like a glowing light and a twinkling star. Allah SWT bless you with the highest ranks in Jannat Ul Firdous. Ameen!

Minhaj Ul Quran and Karachi Airport incidents show failure of PML (N) government

Yesterday (17 June 2014) proved the worst day for the current federal government led by Pakistan Muslim League (N). Punjab Police, on the foolish instructions of provincial law minister Rana Sana Ullah, attacked members of Minhaj Ul Quran in Model Town Lahore where they were sent for removing the barriers. Police had clashes with the members but no one could expect such brutal action that resulted in 8 causalities including two females who were sisters-in-law to each other. Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri, chairman of Pakistan Awami Tehreek and Minhaj Ul Quran (MUQ) condemned the brutal and nonsense action in the strictest words. He had announced few days back of his returning back in the next week and leading his followers towards a revolution in Pakistan.

PAT torture

This incident proved very damaging for the provincial government of Punjab and Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is now really worried. He dismissed some senior Police officials immediately. However the worst thing in this sad incident was that one of the females who lost their life was pregnant and was shot a bullet in her jaw. Other blunder was the breaking of car screens by a dedicated PML (N) member identified as Gullu Butt under the Police supervision. He is given title of Sher-e-Punjab (شیر پنجاب) by Mr. Shahbaz Sharif. Other highly condemn-able thing was the inhuman torture on the female members of MUQ by the male Police force who beat them vigorously without any mercy.

PAT torture 2

Before this brutal incident on 8th June 2014 Pakistan busiest airport Jinnah International Karachi was attacked by 10 terrorists who were later identified as Uzbeks. They killed more than 20 people including Airport Security Force members, Police and common men in the exchange of nonstop firing. All terrorists were finally killed and airport was functional again after suspension of flights for almost 14 hours. This took the impression of our country further down. How can we expect that Pakistan would be considered a safe place for the foreign investors? Security collapse is the main reason of this attack. Cathay Pacific has suspended its flights to Pakistan after this incident. British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines and Lufthansa already have suspended their flight operations for Pakistan.

Karachi Airport attack

Both these incidents have brought a bad name for Pakistan and the PML (N) government. Pak Army with the consent of parliament has started its operation in North Waziristan called as Zarb-e-Azab (ضرب عضب) for targeting the terrorists’ shelter places. Let us pray for their success and a peaceful country where one could live with safety and dignity.

پاکستان زندہ باد